************ Currently all seminars take place online ************
online individual trainings:

Preparing your presentation

● Analysis of your pre-sent video up to a maximum of 15 minutes or analysis of a written draft up to a maximum of 3 A4 pages
● 90 minutes of online dialogue: You get feedback based on the video or concept, we develop a logical dramaturgy, integrate rhetorical means that generate tension, and develop your lecture competence further.

425,- EUR plus VAT

Rhetoric training

Even if you don’t have a concrete draft of a speech yet and would like to develop your lecture or conversational skills, you can do so online:
● Discuss the open questions to be addressed in advance
● 90 minutes of online dialogue on possible causes of described difficulties, development of solutions and knowledge of methods for targeted discussions and lectures.

285,- EUR, plus VAT

Preparation Negotiation

Preparation of a concrete negotiation or general preparation for possible upcoming negotiations.
● Discuss open questions and individual challenges in advance
● 90 minutes of online dialogue: developing a negotiating strategy, getting to know negotiating methods

285,- EUR, plus VAT

If you are interested in a single training or one of the group trainings described below (online), please ask here.